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The Folly - Evenley Hall

The project involved carefully taking down the stone elements without damaging them, marking up and recording each stone, and then put aside ready for reuse, the porch was then rebuilt in the grounds and used a folly.

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What we did

The Stones were labelled, dismantled and laid out ready for use as a new folly for the grounds. Over the next 6 weeks the stones were then meticulously put back together to create this stunning centre piece to the estate.

Due to the original purpose of the structure being a porch there was of course no back. Drawing inspiration from the original our brief was to produce a simplified version with matching details.

Where there had previously been steps we were asked to produce a new floor, using York Stone and Portland Roach to produce a chequered pattern. As a centrepiece we produced a date plaque to mark the date when the original was built.

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