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At Corinthian Stone we use the DOFF and JOS/TORC cleaning systems as specified by English Heritage. we have carried out many cleaning projects in the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire area

Doff system

Using steam, the doff machine will remove moss, algae, fungi and other dirt, while at the same time killing off spores. This reduces the need to use a biocide or other chemicals that could prove harmful during the removal process and protects against further biological activity.

TORC system

The TORC cleaning system works by creating a gentle swirling vortex using low air pressure, little water and a fine granulate. The TORC Head is separated into two components which produces an efficient, gentle swirling vortex using less water and granulate than the original Jos system. The system comes with interchangeable nozzles so that it can be used to clean large areas such as ashlar or for more intricate detail such as an ornate capital.

Lime Pointing

At Corinthian stone we pride ourselves in being experts in the field of lime mortars. Lime pointing is essential for the preservation and conservation of historic masonry. If you own a period property, then it is highly likely that it was built in lime mortar. Many older bricks are softer than the ones made today and therefore cement mortars can be very damaging used over the top of the original lime mortars. Using a hard cement mortar is commonly thought to be a sensible option for repointing period properties, however due to its lower retention of moisture in comparison to lime mortars it will inevitably lead to the faster deterioration of the brick or stone. At Corinthian stone we are pleased to offer a free consultation and visit to your property, to advise the best options for repointing and restoring the masonry to its former glory.